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Welcome to Bloomsburg University....lets get connected!

Red Mouse   Register your Laptop, Mac, or Desktop (with wireless) computer!
To connect to Bloomsburg University wireless, make sure your wireless is turned on, then connect to bloomu using your Bloomsburg University userID and password. Once connected open a browser and type in a URL like CNN.COM  You will be redirected to a registration page.  Click on "Connect to Secure Wireless Network".  Then click on "JoinNow".  Enter your userID and password to register your computer. For those who require an ethernet (wired) connection you must submit a request for an ethernet connnection.
Game Console   Register your game console, smart TV, or video streaming device.
These devices must be enrolled to function properly on the campus network. For information on how to enroll your device visit our Device Enrollment Information Page.
Protect Computer  

Having problem with your computer?
If your computer is running slow or not loading pages correctly, it may need cleaned up!  This is a common problem after internet usage over a long period of time.  Adware, Spyware, and viruses could be the culprit. Go to the Downloads section for free cleanup programs available to help you get connected.
Question   Got A Question?
Are you new to Bloomsburg University? Do you have a question about how to connect to our network or where to find help on campus? Check our Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) section for anwers to our most common questions.