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Stop in: ResComp Help Desk

We have 2 locations.

Ben Franklin Hall - Located on the ground floor (entrance from the back side of the building)

Luzerne Hall - Located on the back side of the building. Look for the ResComp Help Desk banner on the right side.

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Welcome to Bloomsburg University....lets get connected!

Red Mouse  

Connect your Laptop, Mac and cell phone wirlessly.

Connect to Bloomsburg University's "bloomu-secure" and enter your userID and password to authenticate.

Click Here for Campus Network Info

Game Console  


Game console, smart TV, or video streaming devices.

These devices will not work on "bloomu-secure", Therefore, connect to "bloomu" to make your device active on the wireless network.

Click Here for Campus Network Info

Protect Computer  

Having problem with your computer?

Does your computer run slow or get popups? Probably needs cleaned up with Cleanup Tools Here. A common problem after internet usage over a long period of time. (everyone gets it)



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