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Box   New/Returning Student Technology Guide
Another great semester is right around the corner! Check out our technology guide today! Information about registering your computer and game consoles can all be found here.
Red Mouse   Register your computer!
Getting connected in your dorm is easy! Either plug in using Ethernet or connect to bloomu and you will be redirected the our registration portal. Simply ensure that you have anti-virus installed and Windows Updates turned on and you're done!.
Game Console   Go ahead, connect your game console wirelessly!
That's right, you may now connect your game console wirelessly! Simply enroll your device by visiting our device enrollment page.
Protect Computer   Think you have a virus?
Do you think you have a virus? Check out this section to learn about ways to stay safe and remove threats from your computer.
Laptop   Looking To Purchase A New Computer?
Are you looking purchase a new computer for college? Do you have questions about what to purchase? Let Residential Computing help you select the computer that is right for you. Visit our computer purchasing guide today.
Question   Got A Question?
Are you new to Bloomsburg University? Do you have a question about how to connect to our network, what type of computer to purchase, or where to find help on campus? We understand! Check our Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) section for anwers to our most common questions.
  Remote Printing & Connectivity
Are you tried of walking to the library just to print a paper or use SPSS? Well now you do not have to! Click here to find out how you can send documents from your own computer to a library printer and how to connect to a campus computer without leaving your dorm!
DVD   Download Anti-virus Now!
Bloomsburg University requires anti-virus to be installed on every student's computer. We do not mandate that students install a specific anti-virus, however, we do recommend (and provide for free) Microsoft Security Essentials for those running Windows 7. Please visit our downloads section now to get your free copy. Students using Windows 8/8.1/10 need not install anti-virus; anti-virus is integrated in to Windows and can be enabled in the control panel by selecting Windows Defender.All other anti-virus applications must be uninstalled before installing Microsoft Security Essentials or enabling Windows Defender.