Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Purchasing A Computer

1. I am buying a new computer for my son/daughter. What type of computer should I purchase?

Please refer to our purchasing recommendations for more information on purchasing a new computer.

2. Is Windows 10 supported?

Yes, Bloomsburg University supports all versions of Windows 10.

3. Is Windows 7 supported?

Yes, Bloomsburg University supports all versions of Windows 7.

4. Which versions of Vista are supported?

All versions of Windows Vista are still supported; however, we recommend you consider upgrading to at least Windows 7. Support for Windows Vista will end in April 2017.

5. Is Microsoft Windows XP still supported?

Support for Windows XP was retired by Microsoft in April 2014. Bloomsburg University no longer supports Windows XP.

6. Should I purchase anti-virus software?

You can purchase anti-virus, however, we recommend you use Microsoft Security Essentials if using Windows 7 or enable Windows Defender if using Windows 8/8.1/10. Those with Windows 7 may aquire a copy of Microsoft Security Essentials by visting the downloads page.

Viruses & Spyware

1. What is the difference between virus and spyware software?

A virus is a program or piece of code that is loaded onto your computer without your knowledge and runs against your wishes -- virus protection software helps ensure these malicious applications are not installed on your computer. Spyware software is very similar to virus protection software, however, it protects your machine from applications which put advertising and tracking software on your computer without your knowledge.

2. Do you recommend installing a specific application(s) to help protect my computer from viruses and spyware?

Bloomsburg University recommends Microsoft Security Essentials if using Windows 7 or Windows Defender if using Windows 8/8.1/10. Bloomsburg University provides a direct download of Microsoft Security Essentials on the downloads page for those using Windows 7. Please see the downloads section to get your free copy. Users using Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10 can enable the built-in anti-virus by navigating to the control panel and choosing Windows Defender.

Wireless Connectivity

1. Is wireless available on campus? If so, where?

Yes, wireless is available in all academic buildings, residence halls and campus apartments.

2. Is a special wireless network card required to connect to Bloomsburg's wireless network?

If you are using a laptop with integrated wireless, you do not need to purchase a special wireless card to connect to our network. If your laptop does not have integrated wireless, you must purchase a wireless card from the university store, or a retailer in your area. Note: If you purchase a wireless card, it must support WPA encryption.

3. How do I connect to the wireless network?

For information on how to connect to our wireless network, please click here. If you should require assistance connecting wirelessly, please contact the ResComp Helpdesk.

4. Are gaming and media devices supported on the wireless?

Yes, gaming and media devices are now supported! Game consoles and media devices must first be enrolled by visiting our device enrollment portal.

5. I have a wireless printer. Can I connect it to the campus network?

No, students may not connect wireless printers to the network. They can, however, connect printers to their own personal computers via USB.

6. Can I connect to other printers on campus from my laptop or desktop?

Yes, students can print to any printer in Andruss library. Complete instructions for printing can be found here.

Getting Connected

1. How do I connect to Bloomsburg's network?

After arriving on campus, students must register their computer(s) before they can be used on the network. In order to enroll your computer, Windows Updates must be turned on and anti-virus must be installed. Although we do not mandate a specific anti-virus, we recommend either Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows Defender (already built-in to Windows 8/8.1/10).

2. Does the university provide a network cable for connecting my computer to the to the blue data jack in my dorm?

No, Bloomsburg University does not provide a network cable to students; networking cable(s) may be purchased at the university bookstore or your local retailer. Important: Before purchasing a ethernet cable, please find your domicile on the list below to ensure that you purchase a cable that is long enough:

   * Measurements are in feet.
   * Click your dorm to view a photograph.

3. Can I use a wireless router?

No, Bloomsburg University prohibits students from setting up their own wireless routers. Students who attempt to setup their own access points will have their connections disabled.

4. I am tripled where can I get a switch?

You may acquire a switch by visiting the front desk of your respective domicile. Switches are provided free of charge.

Student Email

1. Where can I find instructions on setting up an e-mail client to work with my school email account?

Complete instructions for configuring an e-mail client such as Microsoft Outlook as well as mobile devices such as the Iphone can be found here.

2. I forget the password for my email account, help!

No worries! Please visit our password reset page located here and choose the "Reset Password" option.

Please Note: Resetting your password will affect all your accounts including email, BOLT, and lab computer login.

Software Discounts

1. Does Bloomsburg University offer any discounted software?

Yes, more information on discounted products as well as how to obtain copies of Microsoft Office free of charge on up to five devices can be found on the Office of Technology purchases page.

2. I would like to upgrade to Windows 8/8.1/10. Do you offer any discounts

No, Bloomsburg University does not directly offer a discount on OS software.

Game Consoles

1. I would like to use my game console on the campus network. Is this possible?

Yes, students need to enroll their game console before using it on campus. Please click here to our device enrollment portal.

2. Which game consoles will work on the campus network?

All game consoles are currently supported

3. I would like to connect my game console wirelessly, is this possible?

Yes, connecting your game console to the wireless is possible! All game consoles must first be enrolled before connecting them to the wireless. Please visit our device enrollment portal

Mobile Devices & E-Readers

1. Can I connect Bloomsburg's wireless network with my smartphone?

Yes, students may connect their smartphones to the wireless network. The smart phone must support 802.11 a/g/n wireless protocols. To get started, connect to bloomu-open and navigate to a website. This should redirect you to our Safe Connect page, then follow the instructions.

2. Does my smartphone need to be registered in order to connect to the network?

Yes, please connect to bloomu-open, navigate to a website and follow the on-screen instructions

3. I have an digital e-reader. Can I connect it to the school network?

Yes, all E-Readers are supported. To register the device please visit our configuration page.

4. Are Windows 8/8.1 mobile devices supported on the network?

Yes, Windows 8/8.1 devices are supported and must be registered by visitng our configuration page .

Getting Help

1. I need assistance with my computer. Where should I go?

Please see our contact page for an up-to-date listing of our locations.

2. I live off campus, can the ResComp Helpdesk still help me?

Yes, however, on campus students receive priority over off campus students.


1. On my last bill, I noticed that Bloomsburg University assessed a "technology fee". What does this fee help to pay for?

The technology fee, established by the State System Board of Governors, provides direct support to technology infrastructure on the Bloomsburg University campus. The campus network, student labs, classroom presentation systems and other technologies used by faculty and students are supported by this fee. This fee, however, does not help to fund campus wide internet access.