ResComp Help Desk

Current locations: Ben Franklin Hall and Luzerne Hall

Ben Franklin Hall (rear entrance ground floor RM 15): Fall Hours: M - F to be determined

Luzerne Hall (between Luzerne and Soltz Halls): Fall Hours: M - F to be determined


The ResComp Help Desk at Bloomsburg University provide both on and off-campus students with computer and connectivity support at no cost. Our ResComp Student Technicians provide assistance with the following:

Note: The ResComp Helpdesk will assist students to determine whether a problem with their computer may be hardware related, but does not replace parts. Any hardware that needs to be replaced must be done so by the student, or the manufacturer.

ResTicket System (under construction but functional)

We also have an online system called ResTicket. If you feel a ResComp Help Desk visit is not required or you are not able to visit one ResComp Help Desk locations, you can submit a request for help. This service request system may provide you with help via email, cell, etc.


Please Note: Service requests are handled as they are received. Submitting multiple requests will not expedite the process.