ResComp Helpdesk

Current locations: ground floor of Ben Franklin Hall and back side of Luzerne Hall by the Games Room

Current Hours:

Ben Franklin Hall (ground floor): Monday through Friday 11am-1pm

Luzerne Hall (back side): M W F --> 1- 3pm and T TH --> 2-4pm


The ResComp Helpdesk at Bloomsburg University exists to provide both on and off-campus students with computer support at no cost. Our team works tirelessly to ensure student's computers are in tip-top shape. Some of the services the ResComp Helpdesk provides include:

Note: The ResComp Helpdesk will assist students to determine whether a problem with their computer may be hardware related, but does not replace parts. Any hardware that needs to be replaced must be done so by the student, or the manufacturer.

Service Requests

Filing a service request helps us to better serve you! If possible, please file a new service request before visiting the ResComp Helpdesk. Filing a service request before your visit will help us to assist you faster.

Please Note: After filing a service request, you need to bring your computer to the Residential Computing Helpdesk. To find out where we are located visit the contact us page.