New/Returning Student Technology Guide

The Fall semester is right around the corner. Gear-up and get ready now! Check out the information below to understand how to get connected.

Wireless Connectivity

All residence halls and apartments are 100% wireless! All students should plan on using wireless to connect to the university network. Those using desktops should purchase a USB wireless network adapter. Anyone who wishes to have a wired connection in the dorm must submit a Wired Connection Request. A $50.00 activation fee (required by Residence Life) will be inccured with each network jack activation. More information on this process is available here.

Computer Registration

In conjunction with the wireless, Bloomsburg University has launched a new and improved registration system. Registration can now be performed in under five minutes and allows you to run any anti-virus you wish After arriving on campus simply fire up your computer and connect to bloomu. Upon surfing to a website, you will be prompted to register your computer. In order to successfully register you must have Windows Updates turned on and anti-virus installed and running.


Bloomsburg University does not mandate a specific anti-virus solution be installed; however, trials are not permitted. Those seeking a free antivirus solution and running Windows Vista/7 may download a copy of Microsoft Security Essentials from our downloads section, while those running Windows 8/8.1/10 may simply turn on Windows Defender, Windows' built-in anti-virus solution. Instructions on how to enable and update Defender are available here.

Game Consoles

Game consoles can now be connected wirelessly by using bloomu. Before connecting your game console it must be registered by visting our device enrollment page.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is now available to students free of charge for personal use on up to five devices. Check the purchasing info page for installation instructions as well as other discounts available to you.