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Commonwealth U Migration Issues

For Windows users download and run the install for theDesktop Update Agent  (take note where you downloaded it) and double click to run.  You might get a green "Windows Protected you PC" screen.  Click  "More Info" and "Run anyway"..  Click Next - Next - Next - Install - Finish.  

Now click on your Start Menu and Run "On Demand Migration Desktop Update Agent".  Should be at the top of your Start Menu

It will detect any Microsoft products currently signed in and running. When ready click Start to perform the reconfiguration process.  Do this for each product listed.

This will do a cleanup of old configurations and files.


While you're trying to get Outlook back remember you can still get to your email online.

Student Webmail (Online) 

If you're having problems with your Outlook Email try removing your account and then re-adding it.  If that doesn't work, uninstall the Outlook app and reinstall.  Then add in your account.

MS Office 365 (all apps issues)

Most Office apps seem to be working. If not, try adding your school email account to Windows. Start - Settings - Accounts - Email Accounts (from left menu) - Add a work or school account

If you're still getting activation errors uninstall MS Office and reinstall.

Install MS Office 365


While trying to get your OneDrive app in Windows working again remember you still have access online.  This will also eliminate suspect account issues.  If you can successfully logon to OneDrive Online (via a browser), your account is fine.  Its the local windows app that needs fixed.  OneDrive Online is also where you can add a second account (personal or business) in the upper right corner click on your account then "Sign in with a different account"

OneDrive Online

For uninstalling and reinstalling the One Drive app --> OneDrive Sync App for your computer

For iPhones & MacBooks --> Click Here