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Student Personal Printers in Res Halls and Apts

All student printers must be connected via a USB printer cable. They will not work on the campus Wi-Fi. 

Unfortunately, student printers cannot be connected to the wireless network. The reason for this policy is the amount of interference it presents to the campus wireless infrastructure.  This interference degrades the ability to gain Wi-Fi access with your cell phones, laptops, Smart TVs, Game Consoles and other devices.  By default, most printers with wireless capabilities are enabled out of the box. Therefore, we encourage all students to TURN OFF Wi-Fi on their printers to help eliminate connectivity problems.  Have a neighbor with a printer?  Inform them of this policy since they can also interfere with your Wi-Fi connections.

NOTE: Wireless printers operate on the 2.4 GHz wireless band. Some devices can connect via the 5 GHz band. If your device has this capability (in driver settings), you could avoid interference by connected via the 5GHz band.