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Support for Mac Users (Apple Products)

Apple Tech Info (hardware service)

Unfortunately, Bloomsburg University Mac Tech Support Team is only authorized to troubleshoot and repair University owned Apple/Mac equipment with a Apple Self Service account. BU Campus Apple Techs can lookup coverage information by the serial number.  But we don’t have access to the list of authorized service providers.

Students looking for assistance for Apple products with hardware issues must call: 1-800-MY-APPLE.  Apple Tech personnel can look up warranty/AppleCare info and where the closest local authorized service provider is located.

Here are some links to help troubleshooting your Apple product.

NOTE: Using the support links below can can help rule out certain hardware problems:



NOTE: If you purchased AppleCare with your system then the cost will be relatively low. If not, cost to repair Macs can be costly.  In this case, there are times when fixing a Mac does not become cost effective.  We recommend getting a quote from Apple Tech to determine buying a new one.